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Thanks: All Bio : Cloey Adams is a female supervillain from the DC Comics. As a scientist and a Nuclear physicist, she is one of the most dangerous people to face, and a leader of a group called a Legion of Doom. Her name comes from her mother's family name, Adams. Cloey Adams made her first appearance in The Brave and the Bold #54 (April, 1967), and was created by Gardner Fox and Mort Weisinger. Contents show] Personality Cloey is the daughter of powerful scientists, Dr. Niles and Dana Adams, but her father was a violent alcoholic who occasionally abused her. In her teens, Cloey discovered that she was a mutant with the ability to control the elements of Earth and Fire, causing her to become a vigilante in her hometown of Metropolis. She has a dark and evil personality. She does not care for mankind and does not hesitate to kill and torture them when necessary. She cares more for herself than she does for others. This may be because of her abusive father. She was raised by her mother. Superhero career As the teenage vigilante, she killed several men and one police officer, and received her first conviction and incarceration. She was also forced to adopt the superheroic alias, Shadow Lass. She was subsequently released from prison, and joined forces with a group of supervillains, which included fellow Legion of Doom members Doctor Light and Gorilla Grodd. The villains called themselves the Legion of Shadow. As Shadow Lass, she fought against the Justice League until her powers were neutralized by Green Lantern Alan Scott, who, as Green Lantern, was secretly Dr. Niles Adams, Cloey's father. Her father had created the Cortexx-Direct energy weapon to destroy a super-soldier created by Lex Luthor. The weapon failed, however, and caused radiation sickness and mutations to affect Cloey, including the ability to generate firestorms. While in hiding in Metropolis, she and the Legion of Shadow committed more crimes, and were finally arrested and placed in jail. In prison, Cloey found herself pregnant. Dr. Adams had discovered that his daughter was pregnant, and while he initially wanted to have her removed from the prison, he decided against it after a colleague of his, Dr. Vermillion, suggested that Cloey's father might become a criminal if he did not have an heir. Cloey was




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Cloey Adams Max Hardcore raimsam
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